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Picture a vintage camera lens bracelet on your wrist

Give your fashion sense a photo finish with unusual bracelets crafted from vintage camera lenses.

Lens bracelet
It's a different kind of fashion photography.

The most famous piece of photography fashion is probably still the multi-pocketed vest favored by many gear-carrying camera enthusiasts. If you want something a little less utilitarian and a whole lot more fashionable, then look to the vintage camera lens bracelets from SDPNT.

The bracelets range in price from $225 to $290. They are crafted from actual vintage lenses, giving each one a unique look and feel. SDPNT advises, "These bracelets are made from used, and sometimes very old lenses. It is likely that there are minor blemishes from use." This is wearable tech gone way retro.

Different lenses result in distinctive looking bracelets. A telephoto lens creates a pretty chunky bangle. A bracelet crafted from a zoom ring has a textured grip with a metal band. It's an interesting exercise to explore the different fonts and colors on the various cuffs.

If you're really knowledgeable, you might be able to identify the manufacturer, though that's a feat that's out of my league.

If you are a vintage camera enthusiast and acquire one of these, you'll probably end up fiddling endlessly with your lens bracelet. The bracelets have been popular enough to sell out, but you can sign up to be notified when the next batch arrives.

Camera lens bracelets
These lens bracelets are all sold out. SDPNT