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Pick any color for your new Walkman

New series comes with choice of panels.


If you've ever bought an MP3 player that comes in several colors, you might have felt the agony of having to choose which one. Should I get that white one to match my MacBook? Go with basic black because it matches everything? The new NWD-E020F series Walkman players may help solve that fashion conundrum.

Like its predecessor, the E010 series, there's a cap on this new entry-level player which hides a built-in USB jack. This makes for more convenient song transfer, a proposition made all the sweeter now that the process is a drag-and-drop affair, less SonicStage. Its biggest feature has to be that they come bundled with additional panels that let you change the color to suit what you want to be seen carrying on a particular day.

The NWD-E020F will be available in this region from mid-June. So far, the U.S. pricing stands at $69 and $79 for the 1GB and 2GB versions, respectively. Or you can buy optional panels separately, from the bundled ones at $12 each.

(Source: Crave Asia)