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Photoshop this Mark Zuckerberg pic: The results are in

Thanks to the dozens of readers who participated in yesterday's enhance-this-photo contest. Take a look at our favorite creations.

Mark Zuckerberg
Thanks to reader Tim Tacker for sending in this caption for the original photo: "Guys, I don't want this to end up on Facebook, OK?"
Josh Miller/CNET

Toss a creative challenge at CNET readers and they always step up. Yesterday, we asked for help jazzing up the above picture of Mark Zuckerberg speaking to the media at Facebook's event.

The company announced changes to its News Feed, with Zuckerberg repeatedly using the phrase "personalized newspaper" to describe the direction of the site's core feature. We thought this photo needed a bit of personalization itself, and that's where our readers came in. Zombies and superheroes, anyone?

Click through the gallery below to see some of our favorite submissions from the dozens we received, and congratulations to our four winners: Argel Matanguihan, Kevin A. Green, Oliver Pomeroy, and Michael Roque.