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Photoshelter's $1,000 terabyte

Photoshelter is offering its members one terabyte of photo storage for $1,000 per year or 500GB for $600 per year.

Photoshelter's new storage plan offers 1TB for $1,000 per year.
Photoshelter's new storage plan offers 1TB for $1,000 per year. Photoshelter

Photoshelter has announced that it will now offer its standard- ($29.99 per month) and professional-level ($49.99 per month) members one terabyte of redundant storage for $1,000 per year. If that's too much storage for you, you can also opt for 500GB for $600 per year. Obviously this won't appeal to snapshooters, but it is among the most affordable Web-based bulk storage options for professional photographers at the moment. Photoshelter's standard members already get 35GB of storage with their monthly membership, while professional members get 100GB. The site also offers a basic membership with 10GB of storage at $9.99 per month. Why does this matter? Well...

Lots of Web sites offer a place to show off your photos (Webshots or Flickr), and discount online stock photo agencies let you sell your photos for pocket change, but neither of these solutions help pro photographers who want to make a living off of their work. Photoshelter lets you show off and sell your images online at prices you control, while storing your work in a pair of servers in a RAID configuration for full redundant backup. Plus, since the servers are located on opposite sides of the continental United States, Photoshelter offers another level of protection against catastrophes that could destroy your images, such as earthquakes or tornadoes.

Since storage isn't everything, Photoshelter also includes pricing assistance through its partnership with FotoQuote, so Photoshelter members can take advantage of a database of photo pricing information when trying to figure out what to charge for their images. Another partnership with online photofinisher EZ Prints lets you choose between automatic or personal fulfillment of print orders. Plus, since you can customize your Photoshelter page, you can easily integrate it into your current Web site, or create a new one with a personalized, professional look.