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Photos: TiVo-themed wedding gives pause

The ultimate gadget fan's nuptials

His and her TiVo wedding cakes
Jennifer Lennon

Andy and Tina Szeto take TV very seriously--so much so that their wedding this past Saturday not only celebrated their new life together, but also their favorite television gadget: TiVo. The San Jose, Calif., couple decided on a television-themed reception, which was held at a San Francisco hotel. "TiVo rules our TV world," bride Tina, 37, said in an interview with CNET "We describe ourselves as a little bit crazy, a little bit weird."

"Our lives are all around TV, really. All our friends know we enjoy TV. It was only fitting we got to have a TV-themed wedding," said groom Andy, 34. Plus, he laughed, "I knew TiVo before I knew Tina!"

The Silicon Valley-based maker of the iconic digital video recorder donated felt TiVo ears for all attendees. The TiVo antenna headbands were a surprise to the couple. When they arrived at the reception, many of the guests were sporting the black felt ears. "When her 92-year-old grandfather was introduced, he stood up with antennas on his head," Andy said.

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