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Photos: Switching on the tiny Optoma Pico projector

Crave UK takes a close look at this mini projector for throwing video on to a near wall or other solid surface.

Optoma Pico
No, no, we haven't employed a giant, the Pico really is that tiny. Very handy if you need to conduct an impromptu presentation while out and about. Click on the image above for more photos of the projector.
Crave UK

If you don't live in a big city or have never used public transport, you won't be aware of the great British tradition of annoying people on a bus. To participate in this ritual you must be between 14 and 18 and a half and you must own a mobile phone equipped with speakers. You must then use this phone to annoy all other commuters hoping to enjoy a quiet journey to or from work.

Now, technology has brought us yet another one of its inevitable advances, one that will bring new levels of irritation to public transport: the Optoma Pico, a tiny projector for throwing video onto a near wall or other solid surface. About the size of a Nokia N95, the device weighs just about a quarter of a pound, is battery operated, and can project images and video from a variety of sources such as portable media players and mobile phones. Can you imagine what the kids are going to do with this thing?

We explore the possibilities in our photo gallery.

(Via Crave UK)