Photos: R2-D2 in your price range?

Got cash left over from holiday shopping? Don't forget your "Star Wars" gear and that $1,900 pup, Aibo.

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R2-D2 in your price range?

The R2-D2 toy robot, which stands more than 15 inches tall, can understand some of what you say and respond. It also has a retractable arm and can hold a 12-ounce can. The "Star Wars"-themed gadget was priced at about $98 but is no longer being made by Hasbro. A recent auction on eBay had bids of more than $200.

Credit: Hasbro


R2-D2 in your price range?

For about $1,900, these robot dogs better take care of themselves and entertain you. Fortunately, they can. You can program Aibo to play soccer or tunes, remind you of appointments, lie down and--with its camera--record video, essentially turning it into a guard dog while you're away from the home.

Credit: Sony


R2-D2 in your price range?

The Roomba Robotic Floor Vac, listed at about $270, will not only vacuum up debris, it'll give the cats something to chase around (or run away from) and crack you up for hours.

Credit: iRobot


R2-D2 in your price range?

The programmable Robosapien, about $100, allows you to affordably study what robots are capable of, such as farting, belching, rapping and picking up stuff.

Credit: Wow Wee


R2-D2 in your price range?

The 4-foot, 3-inch Asimo humanoid robot can probably dance the robot really well.

Credit: Honda