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Photos: In a (virtual) Barbie world

It's plastic, and it's fantastic fun to sing the song while thinking about Mattel's musical and online reinvention of the iconic doll.

I'm hardly a Barbie girl, but there really is a Barbie world now--at least virtually.

Barbie Girls

Mattel, the company behind the iconic pencil-thin doll, says is the first global virtual world designed specifically for girls, who can create their own flawless avatars by picking "from 2.64 quadrillion character combinations of fashions and accessories, as well as stylish faces, expressions and hairstyles."

In conjunction with the virtual world, the toy maker plans in July to start selling $60 plastic MP3 players called "Barbie Girls"--you've probably already guessed what song is in my head--designed to look like the avatar dolls. The devices, about 4.5 inches tall, and equipped with 512MB of memory and an expandable miniSD slot for up to a 2GB memory card, are designed to hook into the virtual community.

For better or worse, the players' hair is plastic. So while girls can accessorize (and presumably undress) the music-playing dolls, they sadly can't brush their hair.