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Photos: Hands-on with the iRiver B20

Even Grandma, arthritis and senility notwithstanding, will have no trouble using it.

Crave UK

One of our all-time favorite players, Cowon's iAudio D2, got DAB-integrated not too long ago. Now one of our other all-time favorites, the iRiver Clix 2, effectively just got DAB'd and is known as the iRiver B20. OK, this isn't another version of the Clix, but it is a new player that looks like the Clix, works like the Clix and has the same feature set as the Clix. Plus DAB.

The most notable difference is the B20's large telescopic aerial. The B20 retains the Clix 2's innovative Direct Click navigation system and its attractive animated menu design, presented on a 61mm (2.4-inch) QVGA colour LCD screen. Click here to see more.

(Source: Crave UK)