Photos: Gadgets we're thankful for, Part 2

In the second half of our Thanksgiving feature, more Crave contributors tell which gadgets they're feeling most grateful for.

CNET News Assistant Managing Editor Jennifer Guevin is grateful for her 2GB SanDisk Ultra II SD memory card, which also functions as a USB drive. Click on the image above to find out what other Crave contributors are feeling thankful for at the moment.
James Martin/CNET News

We at Crave are deeply thankful for family, friends, our jobs, health, and homes, among other blessings. But we're also grateful for memory cards, DVRs, floor-scrubbing robots, and electric toothbrushes, to name a few. We do write about tech toys for a living, after all.

To mark Thanksgiving, we've rounded up the gear we're feeling most grateful for--this week at least. Click on the above image to read the second batch of our gadget musings. And click here to see Part 1 of the gallery.

One last thing, what gear are you feeling most thankful for these days? Be sure to let us know in the talkback section below.