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Photos: Frankfurt auto show

Check out the new rides, from Ferrari's ultrasporty 430 Scuderia to Volvo's plug-in-hybrid, the ReCharge.

VW Tiguan
Behold the four-cylinder VW Tiguan.

The summer driving season has come and gone--just in time for us to give our undivided attention to the Frankfurt auto show.

On the home turf of BMW, Audi and Volkswagen, the 62nd International Motor Show is playing host this week to carmakers from around the world. They've promised to bring scads of new rides, from the green to the lean to the turbocharged driving machine.

Consider these, for starters: Ferrari's 430 Scuderia has classic sports car lines, Nissan's Mixim packs a pair of electric motors, Volvo's ReCharge is a plug-in hybrid and Ford is trotting out names like Econetic and Kugo.

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