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Photos: Ears-on with AKG's K 701 headphones

Tough competition at the top of the line.

Crave UK

Anyone familiar with Sennheiser's flagship headphones, the HD 650s, will know they're a truly stunning pair of open-back cans for reference and home listening. And we love them with the flaming passion of a thousand burning nymphomaniacs.

But the vixen of the open-back headphone world has some competition in the Crave house: AKG's K 701--a pair of similarly priced open-back reference-class headphones. With both priced at roughly 180 pounds (about $358), some informed decisions will need to be made. (See Steve Guttenberg's take on the rivalry.)

After about 100 hours of burn-in time we're happy to discuss some first impressions of these moist-making headphones. Click here for more.

(Source: Crave UK)