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Photo, video freedom under fire in NYC

New proposals will limit ability to take photographs, video without a permit.


My colleague Phil Ryan has posted an entry over at our Crave blog about some new permit proposals in NYC that will undoubtedly make it a lot tougher for people to take photos and video of the city they love.

I'll quote Phil here: "The new rules require permits for any shoot that includes two people or more for a period of longer than 30 minutes and restrict tripod use to ten minutes, including set up and break down times. I don't know about you, but for a complicated shot, it can take me ten minutes just to set up my camera on a tripod. Also, just to get a permit, you need to have insurance, which adds to the cost of some already expensive hobbies, and effectively limits the freedom of expression of all New Yorkers and anyone who visits the city."

The proposal, to be frank, is bad news for amateur photographers and videographers. The nonprofit organization PictureNY, thankfully, has been very vocal about their opposition to the potential regulations and will be holding a rally at 6:30 PM tonight in Union Square Park to spread the word.