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Phonebook for the Paris Hilton in you

Update and transfer numbers anytime, anywhere

Trying to keep up with new cell phone releases is like counting raindrops in a thunderstorm. And for some people, the constant flood of new handsets is just too tempting to resist.

So if you're one of those junkies who must get a new phone or five every few months (you know who you are), then the "USB Phonebook Flash Drive" from Brando might be just what you need--or not, depending on whether you're seeking help with your addiction. This key stores your address book information and, with the adapters that are included, transfers it to any number of phones from various manufacturers.

Best of all, according to SlashGear, all the software is already built into the device. But remember, it doesn't hurt to talk with people face to face, at least once in awhile.