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Philips speaker is neither silent nor deadly

CNET reviews the Philips SBD 7500, a basic, portable iPod and iPhone speaker that makes a solid choice for less than $100.

The Philips SBD7500 iPod speaker. CNET/Josh Miller

If you're looking for a small, tasteful, portable iPod speaker for less than $100, you could do a lot worse than the unfortunately named Philips SBD7500. Its sound quality is middle-of-the-road, yet still sounds pleasant, and its operation is about as simple as it gets--with a power switch, volume control, and a bass boost switch.

There's nothing fancy about the specs or features--no radio, no Bluetooth, no clock, and no remote. It is iPhone-compatible, though, and there's something to be said for keeping things simple. That said, if you have an extra $50 to throw at a portable speaker, the recently released Altec Lansing inMotion Classic is a better choice in every imaginable way.

Check out CNET for the full review of the Philips SBD7500.