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Philips patent reveals smart specs for visually impaired

The patent calls for glasses with motion detectors that would help visually impaired people maneuver around moving objects.

Philips smart specs illustration
Philips' cryptic patent illustration shows the glasses and a body sensor communicating with a computer--we think. Philips

A future product from electronics maker Philips could make it easier for the visually impaired to detect moving objects in daily life.

According to New Scientist, Philips has filed a patent for a movement-detection system, including a pair of glasses that will use a camera and accelerometers to distinguish between stationary and mobile objects.

The smart specs would work with a computer to spot obstacles, while an orientation sensor worn on the body would tell the computer about the wearer's movement. To help the user navigate, the device would also provide audio signals notifying them of moving objects.

The patent was filed in August. Along with other concept products aimed at serving the visually impaired, here's hoping it could soon become a helpful reality.