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Philips' new portable DVD players integrate an iPod dock

Philips has a couple of new iPod-friendly portable DVD players for 2007.

In 2006, we saw a few portable DVD players that integrated an iPod dock so you could playback your iPod videos on the DVD player's larger screen. But Philips has taken iPod integration to a slicker level with two upcoming portable DVD players, the DCP750 and DCP850. Both are wide-screen models that feature 7- and 8.5-inch swiveling screens, respectively. Philips says they'll also have a built-in SD and MMC card reader, and both players will debut in the "first quarter" of 2007 with suggested retail price tags of $149 and $199.

Philips iPod-friendly portable DVD player.
Open dock, insert iPod. Philips

They won't offer the picture quality of Philips' updated PET line and their battery life of 2.5 hours is pretty average. But the DCP line is really designed to iPod owners who are looking for an affordable way to enlarge their iPod videos so that more than one person can watch them at the same time.

The Philips PET1030 portable DVD player.
The new, high-end PET 1030. Philips

As far as the PET line goes, Philips is introducing the PET1030 portable DVD player, which features an impressive 10.2-inch swiveling screen for tablet-style viewing, five-hour battery life, and side-slot disc loading. The 8.5-inch PET830 offers less battery life (3 hours) but otherwise identical features. Both come with with a car charger and a Smart Car Mount and will retail for $199 and $279, respectively, when they're released in the first quarter.