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Philips introduces new wireless HDMI kit

Philips has introduced a set of wireless HDMI "cables."

David Carnoy Executive Editor / Reviews
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David Carnoy
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Ever wanted to connect a video component to a monitor or a projector on the other side of the room but didn't want to run an expensive, unsightly HDMI cable to it? Well, Philips has introduced a set of wireless HDMI "cables" that will allegedly hit stores midyear, with a $300 price tag. I know it sounds a little contradictory to call cables wireless, but hey, I don't write the press releases or name the products.

I guess the point is in order to go the wireless HDMI route you will to connect a transceiver to both your video source and monitor, whether it's a TV or a projector. Unfortunately, the transceivers will require power, so you'll need to plug them into an outlet. They are HDCP-compliant.

Philips' wireless HDMI transceivers.
Philips' wireless HDMI transceivers. Philips

Philips says, "Wireless HDMI is an in-room solution that can transfer a 1080p signal without any signal loss. The signal is never compressed and retains all the attributes as if it were transmitted through a standard HDMI cable. By operating in the ultra wideband (UWB) range, the wireless cable experiences no interference from traditional devices. It functions free from obstruction of Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, cordless phones, microwaves, and cell phones. Additionally, the wireless HDMI can be placed anywhere within a 25 foot range--in an entertainment center, in a closet, on the other side of the room--without signal loss or degradation."

We're not quite sure how useful wireless HDMI is, but it's a cool concept, and with long HDMI cables costing hundreds of dollars, we can see how this could be an appealing solutions for those with challenging home theater setups.