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Phil Jackson's first tweet is a work of art

The former Lakers and Bulls coach joins Twitter and tweets something quite oddly as if a cat had wandered over his keyboard.

Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

When you join Twitter, the elation of suddenly experiencing free access to self-expression can be Zen-like.

You become at one with it. It becomes at one with you. Until the point where you're not sure which is you and which is it.

I feel sure that such feelings overcame Phil Jackson -- the NBA coaching great -- when he joined Twitter and 55,000 people immediately genuflected in the face of his Zen.

His account, @PhilJackson11, has been verified. It describes him as "coach and author." I have not read one of his books, but I suspect they don't necessarily include the character sequences that appear in his first tweet.

For it reads: "11 champ;ipnsikp[ ringhs."

Naturally, there have been those who view this attempt at penning "11 championship rings" as somewhat faulty. Some accuse him of indulging in vino to write this veritas.

"The title of his new book is 'Eleven Rings'?" they carp. "Maybe it should be 'Eleven Gins'."

I prefer to be more charitable to a coach whose sublime intelligence always led him to coach teams that had such extraordinarily gifted players.

After all, this is a coach who, in his final press conference with the Lakers, offered: "First of all, you don't smoke peyote." So it could be that Jackson has decided mere words, all lined up in an understandable order, are insufficient.

He wants to bring a new system -- a triangularity, if you will -- to the Twittersphere.

He will use it to create an entirely new language that will consist of semi-colons thrust into the middle of words and square brackets that hang in the air like Jordan.

I look forward to further artistic expressions that will only add to the man's legend as one of society's great inscrutables.