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Petswitch: Give a pet your own face

A Web site allows you to put your own facial features on your pet's face. Yeah, we don't really know why, either.

Arnold Schwarzenegger meets Grumpy Cat.

Thanks to the power of apps, we can put someone else's face over our own faces. But what about the poor animals? Where's their face-swapping fun? Well, if you've ever looked at your adorable puppy and thought to yourself, "Hmmmm, Fido would look amazing with a human mouth," well, there's a Web app for that.

Called Petswitch, it allows you to upload a picture of yourself, and superimpose your human features over that of your animal companion. If you don't have an animal companion, you can select from one of the available animal pictures, including cats, dogs, rabbits, bears, and pigs.

It's pretty easy to use. You upload a picture of yourself and a picture of your pet, or choose from the eight sample pets, then move targets to the eyes and mouth. The tool then superimposes the human features onto the pet photo to varying horrifying effects.

We've all heard that little bit of folk wisdom that pets resemble their owners, but when it's actually applied, we're not entirely sure the result is quite what the saying had in mind. Nevertheless, it's pretty fun -- especially the gallery of other people's attempts, which have led to some truly bizarre photos.


(Source: Crave Australia via MetaFilter)