Pet's Eye View camera keeps tabs on mischievous mutts

The Pet's Eye View camera makes it easy to keep track of your dog when you're not around.

Justin Yu Associate Editor / Reviews - Printers and peripherals
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Justin Yu
This dog looks seriously bummed. GeekAlerts

I don't have a dog right now, but if I did, I totally wouldn't trust it to roam around my apartment while I'm not there. Who knows what kind of mischief it'll get into or what it'll find lurking in my sock drawer. This Pet's Eye View Camera makes it easy to keep track of your dog, but $55 is too expensive for what appears to be a glorified Webcam.

There's not a lot going on here in terms of technology: the little USB still camera attaches to your pet's collar and can automatically take pictures at 1-, 5-, or 15-minute intervals. The camera can hold a total of 40 shots in 640x480 resolution. It seems like the camera would be more efficient if it could automatically upload pictures via Wi-Fi to an online account like Flickr or Snapfish so you can monitor your animals on the fly, but as it stands you can only check out the pictures after the damage has been done.

The next time you find yourself combing through the refrigerator trying to find that missing steak, consult the camera--all signs point to Beethoven.

The Pet's Eye View camera is available on I Want One of Those for $55.