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Peruvian 'Game Cars' offer Mario Kart 8 for passengers (Tomorrow Daily 265)

Ashley discusses a Spanish research team's "tractor beam," one cab company's fun new gaming feature for customers and two major milestones for two different self-driving cars.

The words "tractor beam" evoke visions of incredible battles in space that aren't part of our lives, but Spanish scientists are actually working on their version of a tractor beam that uses ultrasonic waves, and it might have major implications for specific medical maladies. Imagine if you could have a blood clot safely removed without incisions, or if tiny surgical tools could navigate through your body to repair specific issues -- that's what this team hopes to achieve someday with their techniques.

Cab company Easy Taxi found a great way to attract riders to their fleet in Peru: by offering playable Mario Kart in the backseat for customers to enjoy while riding in traffic. Only 10 of their cars have this setup inside, but it's definitely a promising way to de-stress during rush hour trips, unless you're riding with someone who's really, really good at Mario Kart.

Lastly, but definitely not least, autonomous cars are making headlines this past week after two vehicles set new records for self-driving. The first, a modded Volkswagen Passat, completed the longest self-driving route in Mexico, driving about 1,500 miles from the US-Mexico border all the way to Mexico City with the oversight of two pilots. Here in the US, three drivers completed a 2,994-mile journey from California to New York in a Tesla Model S P85D using the car's new Autopilot feature.

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265: Peruvian 'Game Cars' offer Mario Kart 8 for passengers

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