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Personalized superhero action figures: You are Iron Man!

It's your turn to save the world! Slap a 3D-printed sculpt of your own head onto the superhero action figure body of your choice.

Personalized Superhero Action Figure Iron Man
Well, Tony Stark, you look a bit different today!

Advances in 3D printing hold great promise for the creation of drugs, medical implants, prosthetics, and now superhero action figure versions of ourselves.

The $125 Personalized Superhero Action Figure available from Firebox is several big steps up from doodling a superhero version of yourself on the inside of your Trapper pocket folder.

It's pretty simple to turn yourself into a mini-me full of rippling muscles and superhuman strength. Take two pictures of yourself, one from the front and one from the side. Send them in to Firebox. Wait for the 3D-printed version of your head and your choice of action figure to arrive.

Choose from Legacy Batman, Power Girl, Wondergirl, Captain America, Iron Man, Thor, or Superman. Pop off the action figure's head and swap it out with your own noggin. Go ahead, bust through gender stereotypes! Put your geek gal face on Superman's chiseled bod if you want to.

These action figures may not dip quite so far into your own personal uncanny valley as the Clone Factory has managed to do with its hyper-detailed $1,770 dolls, but they're a whole lot cheaper.

Once you have your head in hand, you can fit it onto any compatible action figure. Unfortunately, the personalized head isn't water resistant, so you won't be able to rescue Barbie from a sinking yacht in your bath tub.

Superhero action figures
Two heads are better than one. Firebox