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Personal Rover is Segway's awkward cousin

The Personal Rover is a new entry in the world of strange electric personal transportation vehicles. At least it's much cheaper than a Segway.

Personal Rover
It has twice as many wheels as a Segway.
Personal Rover

Segways are expensive. If you don't want to drop $6,500 and you also don't want to have to walk anywhere, the Personal Rover Electric Transportation Vehicle will do the job for just $999.

Personal Rover bikini babe
She doesn't look embarrassed at all. (Click to enlarge.) Personal Rover

The Personal Rover looks like the result of a mad scientist mating together a Radio Flyer Wagon, a skateboard, and a set of skis.

It sports an 800W motor that can carry a rider up to 12 miles at up to 15 mph. Steering is conducted with what looks like a couple of ski poles.

The Rover is made more for open areas than urban crowds. There isn't much turning radius and the whole contraption has a pretty big footprint. The large tires are supposed to help with somewhat rougher terrain.

The marketing materials promise that adults won't be embarrassed to be seen on the Personal Rover. I haven't had the opportunity to test that theory, but I can feel myself blushing at the thought.

The Personal Rover is a strange beast. It's pretty much a muscled-up Razor scooter for adults. I suspect that this is the sort of thing you're either going to drool over or run away from.