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Perfect Xmas gift: Computer Engineer Barbie

If you still have a gift buying dilemma, please look no further than the Computer Engineer version of Barbie. She is the first professional Barbie chosen by popular vote.

This is the time of year when you try to calculate how little time you can spend buying things for people who are trying to spend as little time as possible buying things for you.

Online shopping has helped hugely in this regard. You can show your closest friends and family how much you love them without leaving your bed.

However, there are so many choices that one can become addled.

So let me lift your burden and toss it into space. For the perfect Xmas gift is here. Yes, Computer Engineer Barbie.

Perhaps you had assumed Barbie was, at heart, always a kept woman. It is not cheap to keep blond locks so perfectly coiffed. It takes a lot of time to keep one's legs lissome and one's tummy tucked.

Screenshot: Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

And yet, according to Barbie's managers at Mattel, the famous femme can now be purloined in a geek-chic version. Yes, Barbie the Computer Engineer.

Behold her clutching her natty pink laptop and wearing her equally dazzling pink-framed glasses. She has flat shoes and a T-shirt with a far-fetching binary code motif.

Her managers--and, no doubt her lawyer--also declare that Computer Engineer Barbie was the first professional Barbie, having been voted in by a jury of, Lord, who knows?

You might consider that only a girl would be inspired by Computer Engineer Barbie. I would consider you more myopic than a cyclops with a cataract.

There are surely quite a few men, deeply embroiled in coding and the Zuckerbergian Dream, who have been too busy to encounter a girl who would match the apogee of their ultimate two-person social network. Computer Engineer Barbie would surely offer a perfect symbol of a life that could still be.

For those who like their Xmas gifts to come with a host of features, might I quote the Mattel site? "The inspiring set also comes with a special code that unlocks career-themed content online, for even more digital play (how fitting)!"

Is there a human being with any ambition who could resist the concept of even more digital play this Christmas?