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Perez Hilton gets show on VH1

Blogger adds TV to his celebrity gossip repertoire, taping a series of one-hour shows that's planned to start this fall.

Perez Hilton caught canoodling with TV exec at trendy Vegas nightclub? Not exactly. But the sharp-tongued celebrity gossip blogger has apparently been meeting with someone over at VH1. Sporting bright orange hair, Hilton (real name: Mario Lavandeira) made an appearance Friday on The View, a brave move for someone who makes a living ripping into celebrities, including the show's hosts.

During the interview, he announced that he won't just be skewering celebrities online anymore. Now he'll be doing it on TV, too. VH1 has ordered a series of one-hour shows of him doing his thing, he told the ladies of The View. Didn't catch it live? Yeah, me neither. Not to worry, though. He's now posted further details on his blog, saying the show, called What Perez Says, has already started taping and will come out in September.

I'm sure Lindsay, Paris and Britney are as thrilled as we are.