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Pentax K-r gets toy robot treatment

Pentax makes another dSLR look like a cheap toy bot. Sigh.


When I first saw this limited-edition Pentax K-r digital SLR called the K-r Korejanairobomoderu, I thought it was a dSLR made from Legos. And then I remembered that sadly, this is the company's second go-round with this Korejanai Robo design; it gave the same paint job to the K-x around this time last year.

If you were hoping to pick one up for the holidays you're out of luck. Only 100 are being made and reservations start on December 24, with the cameras shipping in January. They're available through Pentax's Japanese shopping site for approximately $1,190 for the body, a 35mm f2.4 lens, and the robot head for the hot shoe. There is nothing functionally different about this K-r, so you really shouldn't beat yourself up or feel like you missed out if you decide not to get one.

This isn't being made for the U.S. market, but does doing stuff like this and releasing a dSLR and lenses in multiple colors help or hurt the Pentax brand in the U.S.? The K-r is an entry-level dSLR, so it's maybe a good thing for those stepping up from point-and-shoots that typically come in multiple colors. Or maybe they're just ugly.

(Via Zarigani Works)