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Pentax intros skinnable RS1000 ultracompact cam

The RS1000's faceplate can be removed and filled with an endless variety of skins.

Click for a larger view. Pentax

Pentax would like you to play dress up with your digital camera. The Optio RS1000 is nice-looking out of the box, but its removable faceplate lets you quickly change its appearance as often as you want with whatever color or design you choose.

The camera ships with 11 standard skins, but you'll also get a SkinIt gift card to design and order a free, precut vinyl skin as well as a stencil to create a skin from printed photos, colored or wrapping papers, and drawings. You'll also be able to download an Adobe Air-based Pentax Personal Skin Designer to import an image and save a skin as a PDF for printing.

Under the skin is a fairly basic 14-megapixel point-and-shoot. In front is a 4x 27.5mm-equivalent wide-angle lens; in back is a 3-inch LCD. Shooting options include auto scene recognition, 720p HD movie capture, creative digital photo filters, tracking autofocus, and a Digital Panorama mode.

Actually, all that for a sub-$150 price in a credit-card-size body is pretty good. Look for it in October.