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Watch penguins get all aflutter over iPad games

At Aquarium of the Pacific, aviculturists discover penguins love playing iPad games meant for cats. No word if they've mastered Angry Birds.

Penguins playing iPad games meant for cats might be the cutest thing captured on camera since the adorable penguin rover dressed as a chick.

Nineteen lucky Magellanic penguins from South America have been mastering iPad games at the Aquarium of the Pacific in Long Beach, Calif., thanks to their aviculturist Sara Mandel.

As part of their enrichment program -- which enhances the penguins' mental and physical experience at the aquarium -- Mandel introduced the birds to "Games for Cats" on the iPad.

"It's not made for penguins, but we still find that the penguins like to hang out with it," Mandel said in the video.

Even though Mandel originally bought the game for her cats, she wanted to test it out on the penguins at work. Sure enough, as soon as she set down the iPad with the game on, one of the penguins came up to it and starting playing.

Resident penguins Newsom and Jeremy "became obsessed with it," Mandel said.

"If you think about their diet in their natural habitat, they're small fish with shiny scales," Mandel said in the video. "We know that they like this game and we know they like shiny objects. So put those two things together and we probably have another successful game for our birds."

After you've watched these cute penguins play with an iPad, be sure to check them out on their official webcams both below and above water.

We can't wait until penguins eventually challenge us to Words With Friends. Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET