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Pending PS3 price cut?

Rumors circling around a Circuit City flier indicate that the PlayStation 3 might be getting a price drop soon.


The Sony PlayStation 3 is an impressive piece of equipment, but its price has put off a lot of gamers. After all, $600 is a lot to sink into a video game console, even if it doubles as Blu-ray disc player. Fortunately, the PS3 might be seeing its very first price cut in a week or two.

Earlier this week, Kotaku reported a rumor that the PlayStation 3 would be getting a $100 price drop. Sony President Ryoji Chubachi said Sony has "no plans" to lower the PS3 price tag, but GameDaily said it received confirmation of the price drop from a major electronics retailer.

It's still pretty much a rumor, but it's a realistic rumor with at least some "solid" information to back it up. If the reports are true, the Sony PlayStation 3 will be available at Circuit City and other retailers for just $500 starting July 12. Regardless of whether you plan to spending $500 or even $600 on the PS3, remember that you can get five free Blu-ray discs with it. Of the movies offered, I recommend Blazing Saddles and...well, I recommend Blazing Saddles.