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Peeps, not pineapple, on pizza is the real issue

The latest viral food controversy on the internet involves a marshmallow-based junk food seared onto the top of a cheese pizza.

In February, the internet got involved in a food spat over whether it's appropriate or desirable to use pineapple as a pizza topping. That controversy now pales in comparison to the newest battle over pizza toppings. It involves Peeps, the sugary, colorful marshmallow birds usually associated with Easter junk food.

Mashable brought our attention to this highly important culinary issue and the Twitter debate now growing around it.

The Peeps-pizza food abomination/delight seems to trace back to Twitter use Austin Braun, who posted an image of a pizza topped with melted Peeps on Sunday. The pizza appears to be sitting in a delivery box, which leads us to wonder what pizza parlor would keep Peeps on hand as an ingredient option. Maybe we don't really want to know the answer to that question.

Braun makes the questionable assertion "This > pineapple pizza." In another tweet, he refers to the concoction as "PEEP-Za." Naturally, other Twitter users have something to say about this:

Not everybody is full of hate for this sweet but bizarre topping:

So there are at least two people on Twitter who would eat that. Everybody else seems to be squicked out by the concept. For the record, I would totally try it, but I'm also one of those freaks who loves pineapple (with green chile) on pizza.

Now we just need someone to make a pizza topped with Marshmallow Peeps-flavored Oreos.

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