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Pee-analyzing urinal spots drunks before they drive

The battle against drunk driving gets a urine-analyzing system that identifies club patrons through RFID.

Pee Anaylser at valet
This warning shows up at the valet parking.
Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

Urine and technology have turned out be great bathroom buddies. Michigan drafted chatty urinal cakes to fight drunk driving. A bar in Brazil rocked out with a urinal guitar. Now Singapore is getting in on the action with the Pee Analyser at dance club hot spot Zouk.

Developed in conjunction with marketing agency DDB Group Singapore, the system uses pee power to try to identify drunks before they hop behind the wheel of a car.

The Pee Analyser arrangement is pretty clever. Club-goers receive an RFID parking pass when they drop their cars off at valet. A device sitting in the urinal measures alcohol levels. An RFID reader near the urinal picks up each person's parking pass. If the urine clocks in above the legal limit, a sign at eye level suggests calling a cab to get home and the system takes note.

When the partied-out patron goes to retrieve his car, he has to hand his RFID parking card over to the valet. The valet scans it and an alert pops up if the customer tested high on his urine. Those customers are then asked to call a cab or take advantage of the club's drive-home service.

The Pee Analyser tested 573 drivers over the course of two weeks. Of those tested, 342 chose to go with a cab or the drive-home service. That has to make you wonder about the guys who chose to drive, but it's possible many more would have made the same bad decision if the Pee Analyser hadn't been doing its thing.

(Via PSFK)