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Peculiar hat displays your thoughts as colours

The Neurotiq headpiece combines knitting, 3D printing and electroencephalography to display your brain activity as an array of LED hues.


We've seen all sorts of headgear that reads your neural activity via non-invasive EEG and interprets it visually, but none have been quite like the Neurotiq by Sensoree, resembling nothing so much as a weirdly brittle plastic cloud.

It actually consists of several components: an Emotiv EEG headset, which monitors neural activity at 14 points; a knitted nylon mesh frame that sits over the Emotiv headset; and, embedded in the mesh, 14 3D-printed globules containing colour-changing LEDs that display the type of activity occurring in the wearer's brain.

According to the website, different colours represent different brain states: delta, or deep sleep, is red; theta, or meditation, is orange; beta, or consciousness, is yellow and greed; and gamma, or multi-sensory, is blue, purple and red. Different lights can show different hues, as different parts of the brain engage in different activities.

The headpiece was designed as part of Sensoree's work in promoting what it calls "extimacy", or externalised intimacy -- a raison d'etre that started with a research project to design wearable technology to help individuals affected by Sensory Processing Disorder, often seen in concert with autism spectrum disorders.

"This new form of social media communicates to ourselves as well as another how we are feeling," wrote Sensoree founder Kristin Neidlinger. "These emotion-based designs promote body awareness, insight, spontaneity, and fun!"

All together, Neurotiq took over 130 hours to complete, not including the coding, with the knitting process taking 61 hours and the 3D printing taking 76 hours. It's not available for purchase, but the company is taking orders for a limited-edition run of biometry-displaying Mood Sweaters.