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PC Forum: From Firefox security to outer space

Execs, venture capitalists and government nabobs gather in the Arizona desert to sort out the latest trends in tech.

Silicon Valley executives, venture capitalists and government nabobs gather in the Arizona desert to sort out the latest trends in tech.

Gates a big investor in aircraft start-up

Microsoft chairman is second-biggest backer of Eclipse Aviation, which hopes to bring an energy-efficient plane to market in a year.
March 23, 2005

Let's colonize space for fun, noted physicist says

How will we get so many people to outer space? Lasers? Elevators? Atomic bombs are out, Freeman Dyson says.
March 23, 2005

On-demand private jets nearing takeoff

In the future, it will be easier to hop to a city 100 miles away, but you're going to pay for the flight service.
March 23, 2005

blog The forthcoming Speedway Reader scans the chips fast--and from farther away than current systems allow.
March 23, 2005

Ever need to phone 7,000 people at once?

Service lets user type message on a PC that transforms into a phone call to a few people, or a few thousand.
March 22, 2005

Mozilla: We're more secure than Microsoft

Firefox has fewer holes than IE and it will stay that way, says its chief promoter.
March 22, 2005

blog Software engineers specializing in browsers seems so...1995. But Opera Software is on a tear to sign some up.
March 22, 2005

Site will cater to offbeat films

Is your video the next JibJab? Brightcove will soon give you a place to sell your wares.
March 22, 2005

Hawkins start-up takes brainy challenge

Palm handheld creator Jeff Hawkins is promoting software that enables a computer to recognize visual patterns.
March 21, 2005

blog Thousands die annually because they got the wrong prescription medicine, and bad handwriting is often to blame.
March 21, 2005

Lenovo to tweak ThinkPad name

CEO-designate Stephen Ward sheds light on a branding touch-up. Also: From Hong Kong to New York.
March 21, 2005

blog There is one financial institution that has come up with a very good solution for phishing, Symantec CEO John Thompson says.
March 21, 2005

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Founder of Aldus and Visio books third company

Online calendars: They've been around for years, but the founders of Visio say theirs will emerge from the masses.
March 16, 2005