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PC accessories for Wilma and Betty

Wood Contour offers stone and wood peripherals.

The more high-tech we get, the more is seems we try to hide it. Maybe The Flintstones actually took place in the far future on Mars, and all those stone electronics were just to keep the Zen in their lives.

wood peripherals
Wood Contour

Here are more items to go with your wooden multimedia computer and wooden LCD.

Wood Contour offers computer peripherals in a variety of woods and "stone." Depending on the materials you choose, a USB keyboard, USB wireless mouse, and a 17-inch or 19-inch LCD monitor is about $3,775.

While the items are pricey, the options are plenty. The wood peripherals, noticed by BornRich, come in about 20 types of wood from beech to ziricote.

Wood Contour

Upon closer look, we found that stone is also an option. OK, what the company refers to as "stone" is actually Corian (the stuff they use for countertops). But Wood Contour says that it can custom-make your peripherals from the wide variety of colors and textures that Corian comes in, including "beach glass." No bare feet required.