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Pay what you want for 'The X-Files' comics on Humble Bundle

Get all the aliens, mysterious monsters and conspiracy theories you want in this new Humble Bundle offering for IDW comics of "The X-Files."

The truth is out there in "X-Files" comics from IDW offered by Humble Bundle.

FBI agents Fox Mulder and Dana Scully chase down UFOs and other mysteries in this latest Humble Bundle offering "The X-Files" comics and graphic novels. It's an excellent opportunity for both hard-core fans and newcomers to the popular '90s sci-fi TV series that captivated audiences into looking for the "truth" about aliens among us.

Humble Bundle, a digital storefront, lets you name your own price for games and publications, with some proceeds supporting charity. For this Humble Bundle deal, pay what you want for various "X-Files" titles like the "Classics," "Season 10" and "Year Zero."

This bundle is especially enticing for fans since it includes "The X-Files Season 10" comic book series published by IDW in 2013 in which agent Mulder discovers that The Lone Gunmen's deaths on the TV series were faked so they could continue their operations without worry of interference. This comic made it possible for the Lone Gunmen to return in the new "X-Files" revival.

If you increase your contribution above the average purchase (currently at $9.94, or about £6.6, AU$14), you also get "X-Files" Archives, Annual 2015, more volumes of the Classics and Season 10. Pay $15 (about £10 or AU$21) or more and you'll end up with all that plus "The X-Files" Season 11 and Season 10, "Classics: Ground Zero" and "Trust No One."

All of these publications would usually cost up to $193 (which would convert to about £128 or AU$266). The books are available in multiple digital formats.

You get to decide where the money goes -- between the publisher IDW comics; the nonprofit Traveling Stories, which works to eradicate poverty through reading; and, if you'd like, a second charity of your choice via the PayPal Giving Fund. This Humble Book Bundle ends on December 2.

"The X-Files" returns on Fox with a special two-night event beginning on Sunday, January 24, 2016. The series will then continue in its regular slot on Mondays starting January 25. There are no details available for the UK and Australia yet, so check your local TV listings.