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Patrick Stewart to play Poop? The legend says 'make it so'

The veteran of stage, screen, "Star Trek" and "X-Men" has been cast to voice the most notorious of all emojis. No, not the peach that looks like a butt.

Wil Wheaton, Jonathan Frakes and Patrick Stewart on "Star Trek: The Next Generation."
Video screenshot by Bonnie Burton/CNET

Patrick Stewart's long, storied career has taken him from "Make it so, Number One" to being made into a number two. The long-time Shakespearean actor who inspired many a nerd like me as Captain Picard on "Star Trek: The Next Generation" and Professor Xavier in the "X-Men" movies will soon be portraying Poop in "The Emoji Movie."

To be clear, Stewart will only be lending his voice to the animated feature. T.J. Miller of "Silicon Valley," "Broad City's" Ilana Glazer, Maya Rudolph, Rob Riggle and James Corden are also in the cast of the film, which follows an emoji's adventure traveling through a teenager's phone, according to The Hollywood Reporter.

Some might say that Stewart's career has taken him from the most well-regarded, high brow roles in classics like "Hamlet," through a successful career in science fiction mega-franchises only to come out the other end as a steaming hot pile of... emoji.

But this latest role only reaffirms Stewart's status as a hero in my eyes. Captain Jean-Luc Picard taught a younger, painfully awkward version of me that a man could be successful and admired in spite of a clearly terrible wardrobe.

Stewart will continue to be my captain even as he trades a barstool in Ten Forward for a turn as a stool. Anyone with such an above average sense of humor and a below average ego has figured something out about life.

"The Emoji Movie" is set to hit theaters August 4.

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