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Pasty geeks to invade Miami at Future of Web Apps

Topics at this week's conference will likely include the next big thing in social networking, how to keep community sites mutiny-free, and what the heck is up with Google's OpenSocial.

It's 35 degrees and windy in New York right now, but I have the good fortune to be packing up my bags and heading for Miami. No, it's not a vacation. I'm going to the Future of Web Apps conference, hosted by U.K.-based media and events firm Carsonified. I'll be there through Saturday.

Among the featured attractions at FOWA Miami are a wine tasting, an evening soiree at a South Beach nightclub, an afternoon "beach party," and a tug-of-war competition. Yeah, I'm pretty excited for that, even though I plan to politely decline to participate in tug-of-war.

But I'll also be hunting for buzz about hot social media topics like Google's OpenSocial and why it's not exactly speeding out of the gates, the possibilities for location-based networking, and whether Twitter will ever be anything more than a messaging tool for the figurative offspring of Silicon Valley.

Talk to you from the 305!