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Tech-savvy parrot sounds off with pitch-perfect 'OK, Google' beep

An African grey parrot turns its vocal talents to copying the beeping noise made by Google gadgets.

The "OK, Google" acknowledgement tone is one of the iconic sounds of our modern times. It's the beep that means our Google devices are listening to us and about to answer a question or do our digital bidding. It's also a sound perfectly mimicked by one talented African grey parrot.

Parrot lover MissSadieSue posted a very short video on Saturday of her feathered friend Coco doing her best impression of the Google sound. Close your eyes and you might think it's your Android phone answering you. MissSadieSue says the sound is one of the parrot's top 10 favorite noises to make.

In the YouTube comments, MissSadieSue says she shot the video on a day when Coco was making the sound over and over again, so she decided to see if the bird would react to a verbal "OK, Google" prompt. "She is very smart and surprised me so I thought I would share," MissSadieSue writes.

African grey parrots are known for their intelligence and talkative nature. Previously, we met a parrot that seems to understand a complex numerical concept and another African grey that drives its own Bird Buggy around.

If there were such a show as "Aviary's Got Talent," Coco would be a tough competitor.