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Paris to Dakar winners on display

A car from the winning team in the Paris to Dakar Rally is on display at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show.

A Mitsubishi Pajero won the Paris-to-Dakar rally.
One of the cars from winning Team Repsol.
CNET Networks
This BMW X3 finished 6th in the rally.
This BMW X3 finished 6th in the rally. CNET Networks

The grueling Paris-to-Dakar rally finished last month, and a few proud automakers showed off their winning cars. Mitsubishi has the honor of many consecutive first place wins with its Pajero SUV. One of the Team Repsol Pajeros, which took first place, is on display in Mitsubishi's booth at the 2007 Geneva Auto Show. Another successful entrant, which placed in the top 10, was the X-Raid diesel-powered BMW X3. Volkswagen, which put out a lot of press during the rally about its top 10 placing Touareg entrants, neglected to bring any of its cars to Geneva.