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Paramount, DreamWorks commit to HD DVD

Blu-ray still boasts the most exclusive studio relationships but Paramount's embrace of HD DVD is a big victory for the format

Greg Sandoval Former Staff writer
Greg Sandoval covers media and digital entertainment for CNET News. Based in New York, Sandoval is a former reporter for The Washington Post and the Los Angeles Times. E-mail Greg, or follow him on Twitter at @sandoCNET.
Greg Sandoval

Just when it looked like Blu-ray was getting the best of HD DVD, the latter scores a combination like Paramount Pictures and DreamWorks Animation.

Both companies announced on Monday that they had agreed to release exclusively on the HD DVD format, which is battling with rival Blu-ray to become the high-definition successor to the DVD disc.

The move by Paramount represents a setback for Blu-ray. The studio has supported both formats and the tally of studios exclusively committed to each format stands at 3-2 in favor of Blu-ray.

Sony, Disney and Fox support Blu-ray, but the momentum may be swinging back in favor of HD DVD.

Paramount, owned by entertainment juggernaut Viacom, saw some sister companies, Nickelodeon Movies and MTV Films, commit to HD DVD as well.

Paramount and DreamWorks Animation citied lower manufacturing costs of the HD DVD discs and lower prices for its players as reasons why deciding to go with the format.

"I believe HD DVD is not only the affordable high-quality choice for consumers, but also the smart choice for Paramount," said Brad Grey, Chairman and CEO of Paramount Pictures, which is currently the leading studio in domestic box office.