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Papa Johns Introduces Pizza Bowls to Its Menu

Crustless pizzas arrive Aug. 22.

Papa Johns pizza bowls
The crustless pizza bowls are customizable.
Papa Johns

Pizza chain Papa Johns has made waves online by introducing a new menu item: the crustless pizza bowl. Priced at $8, they're much like burrito bowls from Chipotle -- featuring all the toppings you'd normally order on your pizza, but in a bowl.

Vegetables, meats and cheeses will be "baked to piping hot perfection" without sitting on top of a crust, Papa Johns said in a press release last week. The pizza bowls come in three varieties so far: Italian Meats Trio, Chicken Alfredo and Garden Veggie. You can also customize your own pizza bowl ingredients.

"Our signature crust continues to be a beloved favorite, but we know that sometimes customers crave something different," said Scott Rodriguez, Papa Johns senior vice president of menu strategy and product innovation.

For all the keto lovers out there, pizza bowls will be on the menu from Aug. 22, but they're available now for Papa Johns loyalty members. 

It's worth noting that pizza store Marco's has had pizza bowls on its own menu for a few years now.