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Pantone's HueyPro: Huey's not a baby anymore

Pantone announced the HueyPro calibration system for semipro and professional designers.

You might not realize this, but you're probably not looking at accurate colors right now. The different photos you see on Crave probably aren't being reproduced accurately through your monitor. Reds might be slightly pinkish or slightly more orange, blues might be a bit green, even simple white and black might be just a tiny bit beige and purple.

Every graphical display, whether a small monitor or a big television, needs to be occasionally calibrated. This usually involves sticking a funky-looking device on the screen and either changing the settings until the device tells you to stop or letting the device do it automatically. Pantone has produced one such device, the Huey, for some time now. The $90 gizmo performs basic, automatic monitor color calibration, with additional adjustments for ambient lighting.

Pantone has announced an upgraded version of the Huey, the HueyPro. The HueyPro does all the work of the regular Huey, plus additional calibrations for keeping image colors consistent when printing, publishing on the Web, or working across different monitors. While the original Huey is directed at gamers and casual computer users who just want accurate color, the HueyPro is aimed more at professional designers and Webmasters. Fortunately, the HueyPro still is quite affordable; the calibrator will retail for about $130 when it hits stores in April.