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Panic Button Light Switch: Go ahead and panic

Bring a sci-fi movie cliche to life in your own home with the Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit from ThinkGeek.

Panic Button
Panicking can be fun.

We've all had moments when we heard a mysterious shuffling in the dark. Or we got news that the in-laws were showing up unannounced. Or the Roomba finally became sentient and set out for revenge. Those moments call for a panic button.

Panic Button Light Switch
Much more awesome than a flippy switch. (Click to enlarge.) ThinkGeek

The Panic Button Light Switch Replacement Kit from ThinkGeek will at least make you feel a little better in those moments before your Roomba sucks you into its robotic rotors of oblivion.

The $25 kit comes with everything you need to replace a regular light switch with a giant red button. It also acts as a dimmer switch, in case you want to set some mood lighting before turning on "Game of Thrones."

The Panic Button Light Switch could be the perfect finishing touch for your home panic room. Install it in your office for those emergency moments when you need to hide from the boss.

Keep it handy for those times when you want to reenact cheesy sci-fi movies. Show your friends that you're ready for the zombie apocalypse. With a light switch like this, it's perfectly OK to panic.