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Panasonic MW-20 iPod dock, digital frame in one

For those that want the photo frame feature of the iPad, but already own an iPod or iPhone, there's the MW-20.


Ah, it's the digital photo frame only iPod/iPhone and Panasonic Lumix camera users could love. Panasonic's refreshed its MW-10 stereo system/digital frame/iPod dock as the MW-20, which does basically the same stuff as its predecessor. It's a single-speaker stereo system (can a single-speaker system be stereo?) with a 9-inch high-resolution screen (no specs were included in the announcement), an iPod/iPhone dock for music, photo, and video playback (it charges, too), 2GB of internal memory, and an SD card slot.

The MW-20 has a special incentive for Panasonic camera users as well. A Lumix Scene Mode Playback function lets users view groups of photos shot using Intelligent Auto mode according to the scene type they were captured with (i.e. you can quickly see those taken in Portrait mode, Scenery mode, etc.).

For those concerned about its power usage while you're not around, a light sensor adjusts screen brightness for the room its in, including shutting off the display if the room is dark.

Look for the Panasonic MW-20 in late November 2010 for about $249.95.