Panasonic media player tries to cut down noise

The latest "D-snap" installment claims to eliminate 83 percent of ambient noise.

Akihabara News

The world doesn't exactly have a burning need for another MP3 player, but that obviously didn't stop Panasonic from making one. But the company did seem to recognize that it was going to have to do something different to get more than a passing glance from a jaded Japanese market.

So it chose to focus on battery life and noise cancellation, according to Akihabara News, claiming 100 hours of continuous play on one charge and 83 percent elimination of ambient noise. The SV-SD870N is the latest installment of the "D-snap" line of media players, which share their moniker with Panasonic camcorders and other products, and can record directly from any gadget with the company's D-Dock technology.