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Panasonic jams with Fender

Panasonic teams up with Fender to develop a new car stereo.


If you like to rock out in your car, but don't want to turn your ride into a mobile guitar amp, then this might be the answer: an in-car audio system jointly designed by Panasonic and Fender. The iconic guitar maker has teamed up with Panasonic to "create customized products for the global automotive industry."

The collaboration is an attempt to cash in on Fender's brand name and expertise in the musical instruments industry, and it's another effort by Panasonic to name-drop its way into the in-car audio market. Panasonic already supplies the likes of Acura with its ELS Surround in-car system that it developed with Grammy-award winning record producer Elliot Scheiner.

On the basis of the ELS Surround system in the 2007 Acura RDX that we tested recently (and which made it into our short list of best sound systems of 2006), we must admit we're looking forward to hearing the result of the Panasonic/Fender duet.