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Palm's Treo Pro finds a ever decreasing potential market

Palm is still in business, apparently, but it's new Treo Pro is a phone that perhaps only Zack Urlocker could love.

It's only when I talk with Zack Urlocker or Red Hat employees that I'm reminded that Palm is still in business. They seem to be the only ones still lugging around Palm Treos.

In Red Hat's case, it's because the Palm Treo works fairly well with Linux. As for Zack...? No clue, except that Zack isn't one to spend money on disposable liabilities.

With Red Hat's roughly 2,200 employees, plus Zack, Palm has a total addressable market of 2,201 people with its new Treo Pro.

Unfortunately, Palm has yet to find a US wireless provider to carry the Treo Pro. More unfortunately, it will run Windows, so only Zack is left as a potential customer. Zack is the "Avery Wong" of mobile phones:

UPS, Inc. Courtesy of Agfa

Palm has apparently started a new marketing campaign for the Treo Pro: "Early and often, Avery Urlocker. Early and often."