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Palm releases WebOS 1.4, adds video capture, Flash 10.1 plug-in

The update includes video capture, plug-in support, improved battery life, and app performance, among other changes, for Pre and Pixi smartphone users.

Palm releases WebOS 1.4 OS update.

Updated February 28, 2010, at 8:30 p.m.: WebOS 1.4 is now available for Verizon customers.

Updated February 27, 2010, at 1 a.m.: Updated article to include WebOS's new plug-in support for Adobe Flash 10.1 Beta.

Palm's release of its WebOS 1.4 on Friday adds video capture, editing, and sharing to the company's Pre and Pixi smartphones.

Along with video recording, the updated operating system lets users trim videos and upload them directly to YouTube, Facebook, or share them via an e-mail or an MMS message. It also adds support for Adobe's Flash 10.1 Beta plug-in. According to Palm, the "plugin is a standalone app that will be available in App Catalog," but it doesn't say when the plug-in will be available.

According to Palm's Web site, WebOS 1.4 improves battery life and application launch time as well as increases performance for some apps. Also new is an LED messaging feature that alerts users to new voice mails, e-mails, and so on--even when the phone's display is off.

In the U.S., the WebOS update is available for Sprint customers; in Europe, it's available for O2 U.K., O2 Germany, O2 Ireland, and Movistar customers. However, it's currently unknown when Verizon, Bell Canada, and Telcel users will receive the update. According to Palm, "the update is expected to be available for Palm webOS phones on other networks soon." On Sunday, Palm released the update for Pre Plus and Pixi Plus smartphones.

The update will be automatically pushed to phones over the next few days, or users can manually update their phones now by using the Update application.

Read on for a list of the changes as well as a Palm video showcasing its video recording, editing, and sharing features.

    Palm WebOS 1.4 changes
  • Record, edit, and share video
  • Added a notification light that indicates new messages, appointments, and other notifications
  • E-mail, messaging, and calendar notification customizations by selecting new sounds
  • Capability to view, dial alternate contact numbers from the call log
  • Place calls directly from the messaging app
  • Call numbers from Web sites, e-mails, and messages by pressing and holding on number
  • Forward a text message to an e-mail address
  • Exchange contacts now shown through universal search
  • Calendar view now indicates a.m. or p.m.
  • Faster app loading and gesture response
  • Improved battery life
A complete list of changes is available on Palm's support Web site.