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Palm forges new Tungsten handheld

The company launches the T2, its latest, multimedia-oriented handheld model aimed at businesses. The display, Palm says, is "transflective."

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Palm's new Tungsten focuses on multimedia
Roger Hibbert, associate editor, CNET Reviews
It's take two for Tungsten.

Palm on Wednesday launched its newest Tungsten handheld targeted at businesses, the Tungsten T2.

As previously reported, the T2 comes with 32MB of memory, twice that of its predecessor, the

Updates aside, the T2 focuses on multimedia performance, including software for maintaining a digital photo album, playing audio files and viewing short video clips. The handheld also comes with the latest edition of Palm's operating system, version 5.2.1, and built-in Bluetooth wireless. It continues to use Texas Instruments' OMAP 1510 processor.

Tungsten T2, which is available now, will sell for $399, according to Palm. Originally priced at $499, the Tungsten T now lists for $349.

Along with the launch of the Tungsten T2, Palm confirmed price reductions on two of its consumer-oriented handhelds, in an effort to help stimulate sales.

The company dropped the price of its m515 handheld from $299 to $249, and cut its m130 from $199 to $179, the company said. Palm's last price cut was in February.